Typical Homeschool Day

Our homeschooling journey started 3 years ago when my oldest child turned 3. I was working with her in preschool I had doubts and I had trouble with consistency. I have since alternated between preschool at my church and homeschool and public school and homeschool. I feel like I was fighting God on something he would inevitably win. I am so happy he did and I have finally found a balance a system and am effectively homeschooling my now 1st grader and pre-k/kindergartener, while also taking care of their 2 year old brother. I am so thankful for this opportunity and the grace that my husband and kids have shown me through this unstable process of me finding my way in the homeschooling world. Here is a look at todays typical homeschool day.

*We have a 2year old who is not consistent with his nap schedule so our schedule is subject to change. If he falls asleep at 1030 then we give him a 2 hour nap and move everything down on the list one hour. We work on our projects then and I don’t get extra time to work or do house work. Otherwise it looks like this.

7am: Wake up, feed the animals, get coffee, read the bible and pray, check Facebook and email, and get dressed

8am: Get up those not awake by now and have breakfast and get the kids dressed

830am: Free time and toddler snuggles

9am: School begins with their daily learning notebook and bible time, while brother runs around the basement living room playing with trucks and blocks and frequent visits.

9:30am: 1st grader begins her independent work (phonics review worksheets, math review, and handwriting) while I work with her sister through her phonics and math.

1030am: Brother has quite time and I work one on one with my 1st grader on new phonics, math concepts, History and read alouds.

1130am: We have recess brother gets up and we go outside and play for at least an hour sometimes more.

1230pm: Lunch/ TV time

1pm: Brother naps/ me and the girls work on any art, science, or holiday projects. The 1st grader works on the computer on time4learning on what ever I have planned for that day we don’t follow the curriculum I just use it as a resource. Then they have their quite time they are free to play or read or color quietly or even take a nap. If they are getting restless which is usually the case they usually go outside the last 30 min to play in the back yard./ During their quite time is when I get any house work or business or blog stuff that I need to work on done.

3pm: We play toys together or go to the park or we go outside some more until its time to start dinner.
We have young children in our house so our day is based on child directed play and a basic general school that, if focused, is able to be completed in a short time. As they grow this will change and involve a longer formal school time. For now this is what is working for us. I hope this was able to bring hope, peace, inspiration, or what ever you are needing right now. Thanks for reading.